Online Orders

The fastest way to complete a purchase is to order off the website on the individual product web pages.

You could also e-mail your order, then BCO will e-mail you back an online PayPal Invoice. Once you have paid through the PayPal Invoice, your order will be delivered through e-mail.

E-mail Orders

Please e-mail to place an order with the following information:

1. Products you want to order.

2. Full name on credit card

3. Credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover)

4. Expiration date on credit card

5. Credit card number

6. Card Security Code: (final 3 digits on back of card); AMEX (4 digit number).

7. Complete mailing address, shipping address if different from mailing address.

8. Telephone number

9. E-mail address

Phone Orders

To place an order by phone, please call (832) 851-4253. Please be prepared to provide the same information needed for e-mail orders.

Purchase Orders

No longer taking purchase orders.

Order All BCO Charts and Programs  (Ebooks not included)

Please order see below to order all the charts, pitching programs and strength and conditioning manuals.

Item Price
Year-Round Pitching Program  $49.99
In-Season Total Body Elastic Band Workout $19.99
Year-Round Strength and Conditioning Manual $49.99
Hitting Tendency Chart System* $44.99
Hitting Tendency Game Chart System* $44.99
Strike Zone Chart $9.99
Pitching Chart and Analysis System* $44.99
Radar Gun Chart and Analysis $9.99
Scouting Report Package $69.93
Hitter's AB Evaluation $9.99
Practice Schedule $9.99
Pitcher's Practice Schedule $9.99
Dugout Line-Up Card $19.99
Regular Subtotal                      $394.81

20% Discount                            $315.85

*Free Shipping                               


Order Now - 20% OFF ONLY $315.85