• Includes holds, runners on base, looks, a left-handed or right-handed batter, and workouts for each day of the program. 
  • Provides the coach and pitcher direction with bull pens.
  • The coach can place a check mark if the pitch thrown was a ball or strike.
  • The coach can grade that pitchers practice performance as far as percentages of specific pitches thrown for strikes.
  • This bull pen script gives the coach and pitcher instant feedback as to the pitcher's performance on that specific day.
  • Pitchers' concentration increases during their bull pen sessions because they begin to compete against themselves daily during their bull pens.
  • Competition increases among the pitching staff, which creates competitive pitchers in games.
  • The coach can identify the strengths and weaknesses of that specific pitcher. 
  • Pitchers will gain self-confidence once they see themselves consistently throwing 67% strikes with the fastball and 50% strikes with off-speed pitches.
  • Improved probability of winning games by increasing the percentages of strikes thrown.
  • Delivered in spreadsheet format, so coaches can edit each day of the program
  • Customize each pitcher's daily program
  • Affordable! 
  • No refills to ever order! 
  • Free customer service to answer any questions.
  • NEW!!! Digital Download Delivery!!!



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